So near yet so far. Our closest neighbour South Korea has so much for intrepid visitors to discover.
Christmas island
The paradise not yet lost. Fighting the rising ocean level, the legendary fishery Christmas island is here to stay!

The unrivalled trout fishing capital of the world, yet the island nation offers plethora of exciting salty targets too!
Twenty times the size of Japan.
The gigantic island in the South Pacific awaits us with surprises God only knows!!

Defying the stereotypes of Japan as an over-exploited workaholics' playground, the land of rising sun still has some trout rising in quiet streams too.

TT Cover
January '06 we went home to our native country Japan. Leaving Germany, where we had spent the preceding 5 years was not without a mixed feeling. Now looking ahead, we move on and fish on, to resume our quest for big ones in the waters of Japan and Asia Pacific.
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