Earlier on they used to welcome only the well heeled tourists in their sumptuous resort cottages. They opened up the door for the more economy minded ''commoners'' back in 2009. Today we can go stay in their so called ''local islands'' to enjoy the turquoise blue pleasure for a fraction of the price tags.
Of all those finny creatures in the underwater paradise, the one that deserves sportfishers' highest esteem is Giant Trevallies a.k.a GT.

Its sheer power, arguably the strongest pound for pound, will not leave anyone unimpressed. While they are present in large part of warm waters across Pacific, not many venues offer realistic chance to target them on fly wading. For those of us who seeks ultimate FF game, an outing to the Maldives is not a question of ''if'', but simply a matter of ''when''.
The lack of dry land is well compensated by the marine resources. Fish of all kinds are abundant making fishing and commercial processing their main industry. Meanwhile it remains one of the most productive venue for us sportfishermen, targeting at big games like various kinds of tuna and swordfish.
Having no rivers that drains mud, the ocean in the Maldives boasts purest, true blue waters sheer pleasure to the eyes. The number and the variety of tropical fish species needs to be seen to be believed.

Republic of Maldives, located just north of the equator, is in fact a chain of atolls formed by the sediments left by the dead corals. Despite its vast territory, the nation's highest point is mere 8ft above sea - that alone speaks for the nature of the nation incredibly rich in marine lives.