Not every day everywhere, but our waters do offer world class fishery for those with good fishing and observation skills.
Not just in the north or in the south, we have versatile fishing opportunities in the middle also. Lovely little Yamame and Amego in the mountains, and even in the urban waters there are challenging breams to sight cast to.
Growing up in a fisherman's village I confess to have taken lives of too many innocent creatures. Yes, I am a sinner with horrific track record with a priority seat reserved in hell.

But in the remaining time of mine, fish are messengers through which we get connected with elements of the world.
Stretching over 3,000kms north to south, we are blessed with versatile fishing venues and target species. We can swing streamers for salmon in Hokkaido the north, or cast poppers for blue water big games in Okinawa the south. A priviledge we should be proud of & take better care.
The legend has it that on the day of Creation, eight million Gods and Goddesses descended down onto the blessed land of 'Yamato', in what later came to be called Japan.

In a world where submission to the elements was nothing but way of life, their entire lives must have circled in a constant touch with higher beings. It is of no surprise that their fear and respect led to the birth of animistic religions.
With all those great cause and excuse, guess what, we go fishing. Thanks to the rugged topography and rich precipitation, we have fair share of worthy fisheries for such a land so small.
Centuries and millenniums gone by, most of us their contemporary descendants are living daily lives not heeding the presence of holy spirits. Now let's close eyes and listen to the silence, if that's what it takes to wind back the time.