Fishing up the stream was tough enough, coming down was just as much so. After two hours of born wrecking treacherous march down we crawled back to the car swearing to ourselves we shall come here never again.

Anyhow, the Shinto shrine welcomed us back to the God blessed flat ground.
Not many trophies around in the harsh environment up here. But lovely fish in lovely surroundings by anyone's book. There are quite a few followers in the Zen and Art of Iwana fishing, I for one.
We've heard it's not an easy gorge to fish up. And that was no joke. Let alone the smell of Grizzly bears lurking nearby, the going was very rough and veeery tough.
Coming down to the campground we had some relaxing bath in the Goshiki hot springs nearby. We enjoyed bathing so much that we had to have dinner in the torch lights with a couple foxes sniffing around for their share.
The evening in Otaru. What a difference a day's ferry ride can make!!
Thanks to the warm sunshine, we ran into some good hatches of mayflies in the afternoon.
The next morning dawned again in a perfect blue sky. We headed further south, picking up fresh croissant along the way.
The mysterious peak of Mt. Yohteisan, 1898m above sea, sits in the vale of haze.
Leaving Yoichi we headed down to the township of Kucchan. The handsome mountain Niseko Ann Nupri towers over the lush green landscape.
A slight touch of variety - we decided to go down to focus on the southern part of Hokkaido this time.

Our first stop over was at the distillery of Nikka in the small town of Yoichi.
In the sticky hot Japanese summer, scope of holiday destination gets narrowed down. We needed not to blame our almost habitual exodus, to Hokkaido the land of the north.

On the deck of the ferry in the cool sea breeze, a leisurely lunch of BBQ was more than bearable.
A peaceful evening fell over Mt. Kariba.

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In the brisk daylight, we could spot many fish in almost every runs and pools.
Matsumae peninsula being off the touristic circuit, it is largely an unknown place for most visitors including ourselves. I did traveled thru here once, but already 15years ago - enough to blur the memories of a middle aged man.

The first venue we chose was river O.
A highly acclaimed Iwana char fishery.
Fishy Trips
'09 Hokkaido in summer - 1
The peak sits at the altitude of 1308m above sea. Only a modest hill in the mountainous Hokkaido, but the views over the surrounding peaks, many of which are of volcanic origin, are treat for the eyes.

We had a fun encounter with one of the hill dwellers. Pls. place the pointer on the pic.
Mr. Taketsuru the founder spent his youth studying the real whisky making in the capital of its art, Scotland.

The museum has an interesting display of his not too easy life in apprenticeship, as well as some fishy memorabilia that he brought home (along with his loving Scottish wife, Rita).