Kohchi is famous for its variety of Bonito cuisine. We enjoyed it again to our heart's content.

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A welcome change - triple tales lurking underneath the FAD can be tricked into biting when teased well.
We had a fun encounter with a Sunfish. He fancied us, swam up right to the boat having a close look.
Fishing pal of ours also had a blast, nailing down two big bulls among numerous other junior ones.
The last weekend of July saw us under a big cloudless sky. And sure enough, fish were having party everywhere.

Sayuri's new toy, Stella 6000SW began playing a high pitched music.
After a good nap we went out to the downtown Kohchi in the evening breeze.
The biggest bull of the day, 1.25m, hoisted up with the help of Captain Ogi.
A reasonable pick out of the huge mess.
This is it! Many bulls she has subdued before but every capture of such fine fish is worth celebrating.
I say it again - no summer is complete without an outing to the big blue Pacific. We missed a summer in that sense the previous year, the seasonal run of Mahi was almost absent, we had to skip the visit - very reluctantly.

The fortune tipped in our favor this year '22, the captain was in a good mood, assuring a fun day out. Here we go!
Fun evening session with the pals, one going home satisfied while the other joining us the day next. Cheers!
Fishy Trips
Pacific in Summer '22 - 1
As the sun climbed high up, the activity level soared to the max. More than once we had double hook ups on one lure.
Meanwhile I was welcomed, or harassed by absurd thick schools of juvenile Mahi.