Licencing system varies from a country to another. The national licence can be bought at a post office or some designated tourist information centre.

In Finland and Sweden, there are quite a few places where you can fish with this licence alone.
If salmon is what you are after, you'd most likely have to get an additional licence. Some are outrageously expensive and may cost up to $1,000 a day, but it is not impossible to have a great sport in other less known beats costing $30 a day. At the end of the day, the key question is whether there are salmon running when you're there!
Scandinavia has something unique to offer both in terms of culture and architecture. On the right is a medieval castle in Turk, the ancient capital of Finland.

Why not treat yourself with yet another taste of Europe, and of course, with some exciting fishing.
Scandinavia at the height of summer is a most spectacular place on earth. The sky is blue, the sun generous, fields are all covered up with blooming flowers and wild berries.

Travelling on the open road, spotting reindeer or arctic fox is not so rare. Scandinavia is the last wildlife haven left in the northern end of the old continent.