The take was violent and the fight was of heavy weight,, with the line taut in the fast running current. Using the leverage of 10wt rod to the full, I managed to boat two nice dorados this evening.

As Peto said, fish are no more abundant here than in Ibera, but the average size is definitely bigger.
We went out again at dusk, this time to the center of big Parana.

Here you fish with a heavy sinking line, around 500grains, and cast it as far across the current. Count it down for 20seconds, and let the fly swing over the rocky structure some 20meters down stream. This is a game that requires patience, but most critically an experienced guide who knows the place.
When dorado fishing, you either bathe in the river and take a nap in the shade or go back to the lodge to sleep away the heat of the day. As I was not fully acclimatized to the +30c heat here yet (a giant difference from -30c Moscow) I decided to take it easy on my Day 1.

I thought I heard severe thunderstorm in my sweet sleep. . .
As the sun rose high, the heat and the humidity became oppressive - particularly for me who now call Moscow home.

Peto pulled the boat to a shade and called it an early lunch. After quick dip, we opened up ice chilled beer. How wonderfully the simple lunch tasted!!
Parana river originates in the highland SE of Brazil. Rich rainfall in summer month there forms raging torrents, crossing Argentine from north to south.

The big dams along the river do regulate the waterflow to an extent, but fishing condition, especially for fly fishing tends to be better when the water level is not too high i.e. before and after the height of the summer.
Upper Parana
to Upper Parana 2
It was not a small fish either. I played carefully but forcibly, and managed to boat my first piece of gold for this trip. A beautiful beast, worth flying half way around the world for!
12 years since, Peto and I had a lot of stories to exchange, while prospecting the pocket waters and whirl pools behind the sunken longs.

Even though the river is gigantic, approach when flyfishing always needs that finesse. And there came an abrupt solid shock. A hard strip strike and the dorado was already airborne!!
My visit this time in mid February was not the ideal in this regard. But fortunately the river was not too high this year as I arrived. Unlike my first impression from the air, the water was coloured, but not so badly.

I went prepared flies in black, and with large side profile. Though I have to confess giant flies did not perform any better, than the smaller ones, like the black muddler about 4inches long.
The reason I chose this place is to see again Peto who guided us in Ibera on our previous trip. He started his own guiding service in a town Itati, on the shore of Parana near the Paraguayan border.

The town Itati is one of the pilgrimage sight. The beautiful cathedral and its canopy made a good landmark as we spent 3 days on the water around. .
February 2017, I made my second visit to Argentine - though by myself this time. Too demanding for a small child to come along!!

The mighty Parana forms huge delta with 60kms width at the mouth. Even in Corrientes some 2,000kms north, it still is a big river 3km wide.