Micro cosmos at the waterfront

Of course fish plays the key role in fishing, but the taste of fishing is not in eating fish. There's much more to the fun of fishing than just that.

If you look carefully, there are lives of myriads little creatures in, by and around the waterfront. And in our effort to imitate the living things, we learn so much of the nature, and its greatness.
Fishing on the global front

Now let us share our fishy stories from Japan and from all over the world. Big ones, funny ones, as well as the flora & fauna along the way!

I wish our stories will add yet another flavour to your passion for fishing, and appreciation of the wonderful nature. And of course I very much wish that this common passion of ours would someday guide us to meet each other, by water somewhere.
Catch & Release

No doubt, catching fish is a cruel act in itself. Never would I claim even for a moment, that releasing the fish alive would reduce our guilt.

But it's a proven fact also that a carefully released fish has a good chance of survival, and that a fish killed is a fish killed so you'd never see her again.

Because we enjoy catching fish so much, we take pride in handling them with due respect, before seeing them swim off to where they belong.

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Time spent fishing

Fishing was once a means of subsistence, and was one through which we got in touch with the truth of the universe. Despite all the advancement that brought us to the heights that we stand on today, we still need the bondage with the world at times.

In Japan, our native land, numerous streams run down the faces of steep mountains. Wading in a gin clear water while breathing air of solitude, flyfishing to us is 're-creation' in the word's purest sense.

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Welcome to Trouttimes!

The fun and wonder of flyfishing is what this page is all about. Sayuri & Jack, the flyfishing couple in pursuit of finny beauties are pleased to host you with fishy stories from all corners of the globe!

Whether you are a beginner or a hard-core, even if only a passer-by, do sit back and be our guest. Why don't we have a bit of good time together!