Angling matters Wealth of information, hints, and topics to ponder upon.
Fish & Fly A comprehensive guide of latest flyfishing scene in UK.
Sexy loops Probably the most provocative, entertaining and yet informative fishing site.
World wide fishing forum A great archive of fishing reports, discussions and product reviews. Promoting environmental conservation.
Spey page The best spey fishing page that I have come across so far.
Fliegenfischen Hosted by the major German flyfishing magazine. In German.
Flyfisherman Hosted by the major American flyfishing magazine.
Beet Hosted by the major Dutch fishing magazine. In Dutch.
The Steelhead site A complete reference for steelhead & salmon fishing in Great Lakes area.
Global Fishing Adventures First class fishing across the world. In German.
Global Kingfisher Angelreisen Great destinations in Canada, Ireland, etc. In German.
Global World wide anglers Big game tours and useful info. In Japanese.
Global Planet flyfishing French fishing tour operator.
Norway NFC Atlantic salmon fishing in the famous Gaula.
Iceland Lax-a Salmon specialist in Iceland.
Sweden Hotel Valhala Fishing lodge on the legendary Morrum.
Canada Old Remo Fishing lodge right on the Skeena.
Egypt Hooked on the Nile Nile Perch specialist in Lake Nasser.
Kenya Kingfisher Big game fishing in Indian ocean off kenyan coast.
はむんち 有閑マダムのやりたい放題サイト。とりあえず見切り発進!
KimooのGOKURAKU page 在広島釣り仲間Kimoo君のサイト。年百日を目指す釣り日誌等。
Fishing Adventures Fishing tour agency run by Martin the fly maniac.
Hunting Fly Fisher Introducing flyfishing scenes in Japan. In English.
美鱒探訪 東北の渓をホームグラウンドにされるMalmaさん。世界の鱒と淡水魚。
イダキングのHP 一介のサラリーマンからリストラ丸船長へ、華麗な転身を遂げた男の一代記。
石と魚の町 庵治町 僕の生まれ育った瀬戸内の小漁村です。映画ロケの影響で一躍観光地!?
Fish doesn't like me 本能で釣る!凄腕釣り師コムさん主宰の情報交換広場。
フライフィッシング快釣案内 広島東部の渓と瀬戸の海を釣り尽くす!技巧派Flyfisherミサゴさんのペ−ジ。
Flyfishing in Europe 欧州をところ狭しと釣り行脚。Bozemannブラッセル支部長の奮戦記。
Flyfishing Diary in Europe Dus時代最初の同志にして栄えあるBozemann会長の釣欲&物欲禁断ブログ。
Slow motion 美とレアタックルの求道者、元フランクフルト支部ゴトジさんのブログ。
北海道の肴と釣りが好きだ! 北海道にお住まいのトムさんによる北の魚類紹介。
イトー釣具店 僕のゆく所ミッチーの足跡あり!両雄あいまみえる日ももうスグ!?
信州・渓流釣り三昧 信州の渓流の釣り情報と、お手軽に楽しめる釣り方などをご紹介。
Cobakoba日記 福島にお住まいCobakobaさんの釣り日記。おそるべし、東北の渓!
Flyfishing リバ−サイド マッチザハッチからウエットフライ・ストリーマまで、おっきい魚をたくさん格好良く
国境なき、気ままなFF 北米、欧州、日本を釣り歩くSteelieさんとチ−ム・リポビタンDの暴走記!

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Germany Brinkhof Flyfishing tackle. T&T, Vossler, etc.
Germany Rudi Heger Flyfishing tackle. Sage, Lamson, etc. Organizes trips, too.
Germany Askari General fishing tackle.
U.K. John Norris  Mail order flyfishing shop.
U.K. Sportfish Mail order flyfishing shop.
U.S.A Cabela's Mail order general fishing shop. Great selection.
Japan Navy Bass Wide selection of lure & fly tackle. InJapanese.
Regional information
Norway Norwegian Flyshop Informative guide on Norwegian fishing.
Finland Fishing Finland General guide for fishing in Finland.
Scotland Scottish Angling Info. Info. on Scottish rivers, licence, etc.
Ireland Irish Fisheries Field report on game & coarse fishing.
USA General overview of travel and fishing in Alaska.
Canada Yukon true north General overview of travel in the Yukon.