Okinawa today is a home to various handcrafts.
Ryukyu glassware is one typical example.
Some 2 hours drive north, we visited Nakijin ruins. The stone walls on the hilltop, built in the heyday of Ryukyu dynasty in the 14th century, is a tell tale sign the island was under the strong influence of the continental culture.
There are some respectable fishing venues in the main island Okinawa also, but we decided to take it dry and easy, touring some interesting sites.

The Imperial Navy's commanding base was one of them. In the final stage of the WWII hundreds of officers and servicemen perished in the ominous underground labyrinth.
Miyako island do not have any river running off, and as a result, the surrounding water stays super clear all year round. It is a paradise for the fish and for the fish watchers alike.
A fossil of a mega shark.
Precisely what we need to test our adult toys.

- Back
A short half an hour's flight carried us back to the hustle bustle of Naha, the capital town on the Okinawa proper.
Once a gateway to the Asian continent. There are many ruins and cultural heritages to revisit the footsteps of our long lost past.
The island was once home to the fleet of long liners. The harbor was guarded by a unique gargoyle.
Having satisfied our fishing urge, we switched the rod for scuba gear to greet them in their own playgrounds.
In the mega fish tank they keep such giants like Manta rays and Whale sharks. Breath taking moments guaranteed.

Place the pointer on the Pic, to see the Whale shark feeding on kryll.

The small boat, called Sabani by the locals, was all they needed to travel across the great ocean. It is a confirmed fact some of those sea farers traveled (as often, washed away) to far corners of the world, reaching as far afield as Zanzibar in Tanzania!!
Not so evocative I must admit. But this artful statue of Policeman unique to the island has acquired a bit of a cult status.
With so many trophy fish gliding in front of your eyes, somehow you don't feel an urge for fishing any more . . .
Ryukyu history museum hosts an array of interesting displays..
Fishy Trips
Okinawa in summer '10 - 2
To give a finishing touch to our Okinawa holidays, we went to the Chura Umi aquarium, a must for all Okinawa visitors.
We rented a car for a little fun drive. The island is so small that you can drive around in half a day easy. Many nice postcard sceneries obliging you to slow down though.