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It was only when she ended up losing her first fish that I realized I hadn't taught her how to set the hook and deal with the rest. A few minutes of extra lesson was enough for her to successfully land her second quarry.
Back to salmon fishing. There shall be a definite advantage for two handed rods in foul weather with big waves washing the shore. But on a sunny calm day single hand is far more effective.

Pull out some 15yards of line out of the rod tip, scout the sight of the passing salmon, cast, and bang!! A good pair of polarizing glasses are must. The better you sight, the more you'll catch.
A handsome buck Karafutomasu.
Shame they rarely jump out of the water but, hey, odd spirited fish does the trick!
Fishing day two, we fished the morning. We were lucky the low pressure front was approaching slower than expected.
By then, Sayuri's mum had already had enough of dryfly prowess up on her belt. So I decided to take her to the next stage - fishing for pinkies albeit with a spinning gear.
Though pink salmon are clean fighter, there are a degree of risk the fish could get tangled up in the forest of kelp. A rod with enough stopping power, say, 7 or 8wt, and tippet of 12lb class shall work in your favour.
While I was having fun catching the Pinkies, Sayuri led her mum to a nearby stream - for some more dry fly actions.
The area was quite shallow at about 3ft deep. The floor was covered with seaweeds - confusing to the eyes. But keep gazing at the given area for a while, it is easy to identify fishy objects - especially those that move.
''err. . . didn't you come yesterday too Mister?''
To avoid spooking, you have to cast beyond the school and retrieve it slowly back. It took her some half an hour to learn, but she proved to be a quick learner - for a 60yrs old anyway!
Fishy Trips
'11 H'kaido in Summer - 4
The streams of Shiretoko are, almost without exception, teeming with lovely chars. No better place to learn the zen and art of dryfly fishing, or is there?
Fresh Pink salmon reacts well to small streamers in size #8. And they are all fighting fit in bright silver body.