The biggest catch of the trip, 84cm.
A satisfying home leave it was!!

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Solid seabass under the broad daylight.
A different type of seabass - ''continental type'' we call them, with some spots on the back.
They were all crazy for spawning (& spawned out) hapless ayu.
We were to spend one week in Hiroshima. Of which, only 4 days for fishing.

But we were lucky, big rain and flood brought by a typhoon made all the fish come to life!!
Short few days to make up for the fishingless urban life in Moscow.
Average catch around 65cm.
With a small lure, you can easily fool them.
Even our 5yrs old girl managed one.
The rainless dry spell in September had kept fish inactive, in such field condition the sudden rise of water was a god send. All the big seabass chased lure and fly with zeal!
A year and half since our move to Moscow.
We made a home visit in late October.

Fishy Trips
'17 Home visit in Autumn
Big lure catches big fish. A big bream of 52cm fell to an Ayu imitation twitched on the surface.
Even the breams, usually super spooky in the shallows, forgot themselves in feeding frenzy.