Enough fun for the Day 1.
Just that these smaller Mahis do not always bite at those big flies. In that situation smaller clousers tied on #1 hooks proved the key.
No chumming no teasing, but fish were all active throughout the day.
We took a nap in the hotel, and went out in the balmy evening to deal with another mission of the trip - gourmet tour of Kohchi. Our long time favourite is straw smoked fillet of bonito!

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Through the morning round in the scorching sun, why not a few slices of ice chilled water melon!
A close kin of ''Triple tale'' found in the southern Pacific and Indian ocean. In fact a trophy specimen this one!
Our blue water rods deserve some exercise.
August usually is a month we catch numbers of smaller Mahis, and it was the case this day also.

Occasionally however we could spot fish one or two classed bigger that spiced up our game.
End of July is our preferred choice. This year however the monsoon persisted unusually long. we had to reschedule our trip to mid August.

It turned out a wise move - we were blessed with a big blue sky, precisely how the summer in Pacific should be!
Not a bad fish for the season.
As the boat sailed on to the deeper water, the sight of Matsudai became less, but more and more of Mahi Mahi started to fill the ocean bowl.
Soon my fly was grabbed by a solid brown fish. It took me a while to realize the fish was Matsudai, a rather rare fish occasionally spotted right by or underneath the bamboo FAD. Usually quite shy and reluctant to bite, he apparently was in a good mood.
''Uke'' is a traditional FAD typical of Tosa bay, made of several bamboo poles roped together.
Long we have waited. 4 many years we have waited for this moment - Mahi Mahi fishing in Tosa bay. The time has finally come.
There I spotted yet another, strange looking black fish. Twitching the fly in front of the nose, he too agreed to greet me up close. Okiaji, a member of trevally family found in deep water.
Fishy Trips
Pacific in Summer '20 -1
We saw yet another Matsudai around. Sayuri gave it a cast and, sure enough, he too engulfed the spinner blade with gusto!
Big flies I tied during our 4yrs' indoor life in Moscow. Time to give them a dip at last.