Some sunny days amid the monsoon rain.
Top water game in Suo Ohshima, Yamaguchi.
October. Light jigging game for the yellow tails.
Night squidding is another highlight of early summer. They did not show up in good number in Hiroshima, so we went over to the Sea of Japan in Shimane, where average size is twice as big.
117 outings in the salt (& 12 more in the fresh).
On average I was out fishing one out of every 3 days.

Many days were spent fishless, particularly Kayak fishing in late autumn were succession of blank days. That certainly made the one and only successful capture very memorable, and I sure hope to do better in '22.

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Autumn is the season of Kayak fishing.
From May to June I spent 12 days in the middle section of Ohta river, for the elusive Satsukimasu trout.

Like salmon they stop eating once back in the freshwater but can be provoked into biting, again, like salmon. That didn't happen to me this year though.
Spanish mackerel is the prime target but be ready for variety!
Late August. Squid in Shimane still biting.
Blue water game off Iwakuni, Yamaguchi.
September. A family outing to Kamagari Island.
School of solid Yellow tails are often found busting up the bait ball. Hitting the action losing no time is the key to the success.
Swim in the Ohta river.
April is the month whitebaits run up the rivers in Seto inland sea. A seasoned fisherman using drop net is becoming a rare sight these days.
From March to end May I had good Mebaru fishing.

Mebaru is a kind of rock fish growing to 30cm. They are cold water fish spending the summer month in offshore depth, but fishable from the shore in winter and, more comfortably for the anglers, in spring.
As for Breams and Seabass fishing, I've written the full account in '''21 journal''.

Here let me summarize my other, variety of fishing, in the order of the four seasons.
Fishy Trips
Fishing four seasons '21