It was then, this handsome cat stood up, heading for another round of patrol.

He apparently wanted to quench the thirst in this balmy afternoon, we followed him soon to stand in front of a water tap.

We let the water run but he didn't drink. We scooped up the water in the hands but still he didn't. As we wondered why, he reached out for the tap himself, to drink directly!! Wow, that's how you do it - in style!!

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The resting place of Eva Duarte Peron, popularly called Evita, is found in a rather narrow alley of this cemetery.

The musical film starring Madonna made Eva and her dramatic life famous among the world's contemporary audience.

Born out of wedlock in a rural village, Eva was a girl of attitude. She fought her way to become the nation's first lady, though only to pass away at the young age of 33.
The cats are employed as caretakers. The criss-crossing alleys offer many comfortable shades, and each cat happily oversees his or her assigned areas.
In 1580, reconstruction of Buenos Aires started, which was once discarded after some misfortunes & destructions. It was in this square called 'Plaza de Mayo', where the rebirth of Buenos Aires was proclaimed.

The pink building standing on the far back end is the presidential palace.
A clock tower standing in front of the Retiro train station, brightens up in the setting sun.

It was built in 1912 by the immigrants from Britain as a symbol of their loyalty to the new mother nation. (No wonder it reminded me of a small town in south of England, Colchester, where I spent my university days . . )

It is ironical that the two nation had to fight a war but, surviving the turbulent history, the tower has now become a natural part of the San Martin Plaza's landscape..
And it's a beautiful city. You will find parks, gardens along the avenues. And the most eye-catching tree of them all was this one, Jacaranda, blossoming in purple.

The flower chimes advent of the summer, filling the street with a fresh fragrance.

With 3 million inhabitants, Buenos Aires is one of the dynamo that drives the economy and the culture of modern day South America.

The blue sky was hanging high, while lively stores and fashionable cafes lined up along the busy streets. The Christmas sale decoration was stirring up the expectation, complete with the tunes of accordions in the pedestrian walk.

B.A. is fun!! The strong sunshine and the vibrant atmosphere meant for us a perfect escape from the dismal winter in Europe!!
Some 20minutes taxi ride took us to the Cementerios Recoleta, the graveyard of the country's rich and the noble.

At the entrance you will see a map of the resting places of the famous personages, such as presidents and heroes of war.

Most graves are cased in elaborately decorated chapels, that represents the power and the wealth the deceased enjoyed in the new continent, and the nostalgic yearning to the old continent they could not give up.
We noticed a funny looking tree in the city center. Despite the tree's appearance and obvious age, there was no nameplates around. The locals were passing by without giving a look.
Buenos Aires