Oct. 3-6 - Austria in Autumn

Another visit in the Austrian stream.
In the afternoon sun, fish quietly sips the drifting midgets. A fine game to finish off the season.

- TT Austria

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Sayuri also caught a halibut. Though looks monster to me - it is a young fish called 'chicken' up there!

Aug.23 - Sept.8 British Columbia, B.C.

Salmon fishing in the renowned fishery, Skeena in British Columbia.
July 6 - the Lake O

First scouting expedition to the famed fishery, Oostvoornsemeer by Rotterdam.

The big saline lake, with a maximum depth of 40m, was to shoot us with a silver bullet right in the hearts!

June 21 - La@Strange again

Fish rising for midgets, we spent hours casting #22 flies but no success. Pissed off, I threw #8 giant fly, which was gulped right away by a 47cm beauty.
End May - The first visit in Austria

Beautiful rivers in a great landscape. Even occasional big trout to catch. We are hooked!

- TT Austria
May - The first victory on the Dutch front

The self-assigned ordeal ''No fish no beer'' paid off. (Though the beer warmed up meanwhile.) You can't have a beer and fish with it, too.

Late April to May@- Back in Japan

Having been away for 1.5 years the reunion with our favourite stream was not short of emotions.

At the kind invitation of my fishing friends,
I enjoyed a fun seabass fishing also.
19 April - La Strange, Belgium.

First half of the day produced little action, until shortly after lunch, when a powerful 46cm rainbow took Sayuri's mayfly dun.

Fishing picked up toward the evening, with even decent brownies joining the dryfly buffet.

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