Waiting for that trophy rainbow to rise.
A quiet evening on lake Kussharo.

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Tug of war with manly Chums.
Chu-Rui river in Hokkaido.

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So you see?
More to Japan than Geisha and Sushi!

Fun dorado fishing in Setonaikai, the inland sea south west of Japan.

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And here comes a bigger one!
Caught in the Pacific proper, off the coast of Tokushima, Shikoku.

A nice Amego trout.
In north Hiroshima

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Karafuto Masu, or Pink salmon are prolific in the northern island.
And behold, these crown jewels of the mountain streams!!

'Oshorokoma' char in Hokkaido
- the northern most island of Japan.

Finally I'm home.
Nowhere near as picturesque, but another favourite playground of ours.

Trouting in streams when sunny.
Bassing in lakes when cloudy.

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