And of course, no trip to Tasmania is complete without some gold prospecting up in the highland lakes.

It's a tough fishing that demands a lot of patience, but it does offer its own charm and some nice rewards.

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We allocated good several days for the streams in the north east. No trophy fish this time but a superb fun nevertheless.

End of the year holiday again to Tasmania.

Having learned a lesson from the last year, this time we went along to the jetty armed with a squid jig. And here's the bounty!!
At the southern tip of the island lies the famed ''Match-the-hatch'' venue, Mataura river. Big brownies feasting on the mayfly buffet, and we certainly managed to mix in a fly or two!!

Visited New Zealand's South island.

At the foothills of the iconic Mt. Cook, athletic rainbows eagerly entertained us.

First visit of the season in the Victorian mountains. At 11c the water was still cold. But the fishing was hot, here a handsome 35cm and even on a big dry fly!
End October

Scouting trip to Tasmanian highlands.
After all those wild fishing, chasing trout is sweet - in the absolute absence of crocs!!
The final round and the monumental battle was fought in the Bynoe harbour west of Darwin. Even an 86cm bull of a bara shouldn't take on Sayuri too lightly!!

Out in the Timor sea off the coast of Darwin, Sayuri's popper was gulped by
none but a scary GT!!

Flew up to NT the ''top end''.

The stifling heat over the Kakadu lake was broken only by the tailwalks of Barramundi.

Spent an autumn day exploring PPB.
Loads of flathead but not one snapper.
In the course of the eventful week, we managed to greet those iconic Australian SWFF species - Golden Trevally, Queenfish, Northern Bluefin, as well as the elusive Australian bonefish!!

The handsome 23incher was the biggest of the trip. No match for good old rainbows in pure fighting quality, but brown trout do offer more of grace and individuality to adore.


Short break beach fishing in Broome.
Small fellows only but fun regardless.
Under the shade of lilypads on the legendary Corroboree billabong, the ancient Saratoga were eager to provide surface actions!!

Spring has finally come in the southern state of Victoria. The first session of the season was in the crater lakes - where
the big one evaded our hunt.

Streams in Victoria running low, the best of the actions are on big chunky hoppers.

Again out to Tasmania. Finally getting the knack of it, we managed 7 beauties above 20 inch mark, half of which on dry flies!!

End April

As the winter sets in in the south, we headed out west chasing the summer sun in the famous marine paradise, Ningaloo reef.

Visited venues on the slope of Mt. Kosciusko, the tallest peak of Australia.

Lovely setting, plenty of nice fish too.
The only drawback being its 700kms distance from Melboune!
What a great fish to kick off 2008,
a yet another fishy year to be!!

New year's day

The very first outing of the new year at the renowned fishery Arthur's lake, Tasmania.

As we waded into the grassy shallow, here it goes, a prowling golden submarine of a fish! Stripping few yards of line in a great rush, cast it, and sure enough, BAAANG!!

More of field research in the northern Victorian waterways. Lots of hatches, dry fly actions in full swing.

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