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While exploring weekend options in Moscow, an accidental catch of a big fat carp.

- TT Russia

Revisited Lake Nasser in southern Egypt, after 13years of interval. But alas, fish stock declined so much, we nearly got skunked.
Rather late-ish for the Seabass game but I was lucky to nail this one, a solid fish of 86cm.

- TT Japan

Traveled to Russia's far north, in pursuit of Arctic Char.
Greyling grow to giant size up here.
And eager to take dry flies!!
A big pleasure to see some familiar faces now with more white hairs, and healthy strong trout and chars in the streams as beautiful as in our memories.

- TT Austria
We managed to spend a day in our home streams north of Hiroshima. Happy to see our lovely little companions doing well.

Visited our favourite rivers in Austrian alps.

A short business trip home to Japan, with the family came along to share some fun.
The grand landscape and exotic feel remain unchanged. But the key part of the attraction was sadly lost.

- TT Egypt

Away from the harsh Russian winter, we visited the Maldives, for some sweaty GT action.
A couple good sized dog tooth tuna joined the party.

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