August, catching the evening breeze - and occasional breams on soft plastics.
So were the Spanish mackerel but we couldn't nail down those meaty big mama.
A finesse stream game for a change, up in the Hiroshima's back country.
88outings in total was some 30% less than the previous year. Continued absence of squid in early summer was a disappointment, while strong run of Buri made it up.

The underwater environment is certainly changing, some fish are winning the turf at the cost of some others'. We have to be flexible, hoping the situation would normalize at some point in time.

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December, kayak game produced good results.
July, our annual outing to the bay of Tosa, chasing big Mahi in the big blue Pacific.
Seabass game didn't pick up much.
Midnight hunting, a memorable trophy catch for my fishing pal.
Buri, or yellow tails were plentiful this year.
September, precious few occasions to take advantage of the typhoon flood. Yet what took the chunky streamer was . . .
November, big game hunting from a kayak.
June, family fishing for the little sardines.
From March to April, Mebaru the rock fish heated up the still chilly nights.
As to the seabass, bream & trout fishing I noted separately in '22 journal. Here let me look back on the other fishing in the order of the four seasons.

The year's opening in January, jigging off the island of Suo Oshima.
Fishy Trips
Fishing four seasons '22