Living up to what the name may suggest, the hotel is impeccably clean and resort-like. Treat yourself to the Zugspitze Suite, sit back in the balcony, watch the highest peak of Germany changes colour in the setting sun.

The food and the service is also first class, and the price is extremely reasonable. 3nights stay incl. breakfast & supper, as well as 2days fishing tickets for 250euro p.p. A truly recommendable hotel this one also.

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Mohr Life Resort

The hotel sits in lovely town of Lermoos, on the north western corner of Austria.
It has changed hands and also the name recently, but was widely known among the flyfishers as Hotel Drei Mohren in the past.

The town is situated more or less on the German border, and the world famous fairy tale castle 'Neu Schwanstein' is only an hour's drive. You can easily give your fishing holiday (and the accompanying family members) a touch of romantic excuse!!

Hotel Post

In the southern end of Austria, forming borders with Italy and Slovenia, lies the state of Kaernten. Hotel Post sits in a lively village of Koetschach.

From Germany and the north, you would have to go over the Tauern mountains, thru the city of Lienz, and yet another steep mountains before reaching this border town. In fact, it's only 15kms away from the Italian border, and you can see the Italian influence in the local cuisine and in the look of the street.

The hotel owns fishing rights of Gailfluss and its many tributaries, totalling 33kms in length. The rooms are a tad smallish but tastefully decorated. For dinner, you can choose one of the many restaurants around. We enjoyed Italian on the town's main square. 3nights with breakfast buffet, including 3 days' fishing license cost you 270euros p.p.

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The village's main street is a play ground of sunbathing cats.
The charge is very reasonable - a night's stay with 3 course dinner costs you only 40euros. If you add 15euros for the fishing ticket, and even a few pints of local beer to finish off the day, you'd be only spending 60euros not more.

The room was clean but rather seasoned. Asking for a room with balcony would help to make your stay more comfortable.

We bumped into an autumn festival here also. Colorfully decorated cow marched on, to the amusement of locals and visitors alike.

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Gasthof Forelle

20 minutes drive east from the city of Innsbruck. Get off A12 following the sign of Zell am Ziller, you'll soon pass through the village of Zell. Carry on until you hit the town of Mayerhofen, and then watch out for the sign for Lanersbach/Hintertux. You'd then drive up the small road for another 10kms, to reach the little resort town of Lanersbach.

There are many hotels, mostly for the glacier ski enthusiasts. But if you want to wet your line in the lovely little river Tuxbach, Gasthof Forelle is the one to go. Try you may, you cannot miss the painting of jumping Forelle on its wall.

The area boasts many of the notable alpine peaks, including Grossglockner, the highest peak of Austria. It'd be a shame not to spend a day up one of the scenic trek. The most impressive yet very easy route is Europe Panoramaweg. Don't dare miss it!!

Also nearby the hotel itself, there is another spectacular walking possibility along the Dorferbach river. You'd enjoy a most dynamic land formation while walking along the cliffs with many little tunnels!

3nights w/ half board for 250euro. A modest charge for a memory of a lifetime!

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The rooms are simply gorgeous. It's spacious and super clean. Not to be forgotten is the Sauna bath in the basement. After a hard day out in the river, what more can you ask for!?

Ah, yes, eating! The food is top notch, with service speedy and friendly. Great deal all in all. Try it, and believe it!
Hotel Taurerwirt

If you carry on south from Mittersill (above mentioned village where Gasthof Braurup is), you'll soon drive into Felbertauern tunnel.
Once through the tunnel, you're already in the state of East Tirol. Drive down the road alongside Isel river, after passing by the village of Matrei, you'll soon see a sign for the alpine resort called 'Kals am Grossglockner'.

There are many accommodations in the town, and Taurerwirt is one of them. It stands right underneath the rocky cliff of Bretterspitze, and it manages some 10kms of the river, Kalsbach's beautiful stretch.
On Sunday morning we had an opportunity to see the village's autumn festival.

The band marched on with merry jingle, the sound of a canon roared in the valley. The minister chanted a player to thank the year's harvest. The summer was now gone, we knew surely the autumn was there.

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Gasthof Zur Post

Half an hour's drive to the south of Salzburg, get off A10 at Radstadt, soon you'll find the village of Untertauern on your left.

The village is situated at the lower end of Tauern valley. There's a few guesthouses and of course a church, but not more. On a sunny afternoon, the world rambles by ever so quietly on the main street Untertauern.

The guesthouse offers a very reasonable package - 3nights' stay with half board, plus 2days fishing comes for mere 140euro p.p. Extremely generous offer I must say. If that's not enough, there's a pool table and pinpong to close the deal!
Rooms are airy, light and spacious. Most of the rooms also have a balcony, where you can sit back in the chair admiring the alpine peaks sticking out on the skyline.

The true luxury is the sauna bath and the swimming pool down on the ground floor. The cold feet after hours of wading in the mountain streams will come back alive!! There's also a sun deck just outside - to spice up your holiday atmosphere! All in all, this probably is our most favourite fishing hotel in Austria.

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The package of 3nights 4days with half board, plus the fishing permit for 2days will cost about 210euro per person. There are no grocery stores to buy lunch, but at the hotel's restaurant, where you can enjoy hearty breakfast, the guests are allowed to make their own sandwiches for the day's outing - very kind offer.

The hotel has two separate buildings. The main house with the restaurant, and the annex which can be rented out for longer stay. The house is tastefully furnished and nicely decorated - with flowers of the seasons.
Hotel Falknerhof

In the little alpine settlement of Niederthai stands the charming hotel, Falknerhof.

An easy 30minutes drive from Innsbruck will take you to the valley of Oetz in Tirol. Drive south along the valley, soon you'll see the town of Umhausen. Turn left, and drive up the steep zig zag road for 10kms. Willkommen - to the village of Niederthai.
Gasthof Braurup

About 100kms S.E. of Salzburg lies a lively little town of Mittersill. It's three hours' drive from Munich over the historic Thurn Pass.

The hotel manages 11 rivers and lakes, totalling 130kms in length. The guest can drive and fish wherever they like.

Rivers, lakes, picturesque contryside - in Austria, the Mecca of trout fishing in Europe, there are many lodges and guesthouses to welcome angling enthusiasts from around the globe. Unlike in Germany, the licensing system in Austria is quite relaxed. Anyone can buy the day permit from the river keeper (such as hotels).

For general overview, Fischwasser is a good site. You can ask them for a very informative booklet that contains helpful introduction to 30 some fishing locations.
Here are our personal impressions FYI.
What adds to the attraction is the little tackle shop built adjacent to the guest house. The vast collection of flies will sure to impress you.

With so many intriguing local gears, flies and what have you, a visit to the shop and chat with the welcoming owner, Matthias is a must!!

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The charge is quite reasonable. 3nights with half board, including fishing license for 2 days cost you about 230 euros. Or 500 euros for a week.The rooms are quite simple with no frills but clean and well tended. The only problem is the bell of the church across the road. You can't oversleep!

The history of this guest house dates back to 1823 when the present owner, Gassners, acquired this establishment. Displayed in the dim lit lobby are the collection of antique tackle. Certainly worth a look!