- Gasthof Braurup
All the fish were carrying big happy stomach. Apparently they were feasting on the clouds of 'no-see-him' that evening. Size of the fly (or that of the hook) matters here most. Do bring your midge box up here!

Ah, you should bring your insect repellent on a windless muggy summer evening. And plenty of patience as some of the fish are really, really clever!!

- Back
Fish are here plentiful, and the average size is 30cm. They happily feed on the little insects in the evening, but that doesn't mean fishing is too easy. Most of them are quite educated and will take pleasure in only 'kissing' your fly and push it away. Beginning with stealthy stalking to natural drift on a fine tippet, this fishery offers plenty of challenge and enough rewarding excitement.

I managed to land a few fish with #18 adams, one of the smallest fly I had with me. I could see fish were quite suspicious of my fly - which was way too big compared to the tiny insects they were feeding on. But they started to show more and more interest in my fly as it got damaged by their teeth. By the time the hook got stripped of the dressing, I was catching one fish after another. Interesting to see fish going crazy for a bare hook!!
May '03@

Leaving the village of Mittersill behind, climbing the road to the direction 'Felbertauern tunnel' for some 15minutes, you will come to the parking lot appropriately named 'Elisabeth See. Following the footpath for some 100yards, you will see the small lake filled with clear water - and with fish!

If you carry on up for a few kms more, there you'll see another parking space right in front of the tunnel's mouth. Look down from the edge of the cliff, you will find the other lake, Leni See, below your feet..

The chain of lakes are connected with slow running stream and stocked with trout of decent size. You see occasional big boys prowling on the bottom too!