Despite its relative lack of elevation (at 1,000meter above sea), the river enjoys plenty of fresh water even in the middle of the summer. The riverbed was free of algae and wading was very easy. In late Spring the river can be flooded with snow melt, but except that season, fishing can be enjoyed thoughout the year, they say.

We often end up missing good places just around us. This river that we finally come to know is definitely worth a visit, and in fact more than one. If we have a fortune to come around here another time, I'd like to challenge the trophy brown that almost took my fly in that deep pool.

- Back

Most fish in the river had a soft spot for Elkhair caddis - probably they're used to chasing the caddis during the happy hours of the summer evenings.

We had a great day, with 3 rainbows around 35cm, and though only up to 30cm, we managed to catch some pretty brownies too.
June '05

Loisach, situated right on the border of Germany, is one river that we had known of since long ago, but had ended up just passing by for no reasons.

Only a couple kms away from the main road, we found a little but lively town of Lermoos. Down the hill and in the middle of the grass fields, a village of Ehrwald can be sighted. With the blue sky as its backdrop, the rugged peaks of Sonnenspitze, 2,412m a.s. can be admired. What a grand setting!
The middle section of the river runs thru
a forest of castania trees. None are alike in its posture, with their moss-covered trunks telling age-old stories. As we looked up, the blue sky seen through the green canopy seemed like a stained glass masterpiece.
Further upstream, the bank was sandwiched by steep cliffs on the both sides. The river was snaking about in this section, offering fishy runs and pools here and there. Checking out each one of them is a time-consuming fun exercise.

At times we could spot rather big fish, around 40cms and some even more. With an accuracy cast and a delicate mending, now, the moment of truth is only inches away - and what shall we do with this cheeky little youngster snatching up my offering right in front of that trophy fish!?
- Zugspitze
- Mohr Life Resort
Up from the border for half a mile or so, the area was rather flat, with the river gently flowing on the bottom of the spacious valley.

As they can see us coming as well as we see them, we had to exercise a bit of caution in the approach. Spot the fish and give it a long cast. Make sure of a few feet of natural drift, and let's see if the fish is convinced!?

The water was crystal clear and we could see occasional shadows darting around.

As the water was relatively calm, we tied 15ft rather long leader & tippet and a small elk hair caddis on its end. As the fly floated down bouncing off the riffles, a fish took it!

The fish jumped clear out of the water, and its vigorous fight took me by surprise. It was a rainbow, small but full of stamina.
The beat starts right at the border.
With the little map given at the hotel's reception, we walked down the airy pine forest, enjoying the chirping of the birds.

And sure enough, there we saw a sign post, indicating the international border right in the middle of the stream.

Guests on the Austrian side can fish from here 15kms upstream, even to the spring where the river originates.